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Creative Battle Royale is an island from Fortnite Battle Royale. It was originally created from a creator by the name of 9YO Pizza and is updating this island almost every day. This island is well inspired by Fortnite's original storyline but there are no official live events yet. Click here for the Fortnite island code.

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The Meteor Launch Edit

While in very early Season 1, a meteor hit Mega Mall and has created a crater called "Crusty Crater". Crusty Crater was located in the middle of the map and has suffocated in lava recently. A pressure plant was created and there was a machine that carried the meteor.

Updates Edit

  • November 25 - The meteor has finally been captured by the machine and lava is remained below it.
  • November 27 - The meteor has risen up about 5 blocks and is ready to take off while there is air flowing up at the bottom of the plant.
  • November 29 - The meteor has risen up its full max and there are no longer walls by it.
  • November 30 - The meteor has been launched out of the map by the machine and the plant has collapsed.
  • December 1 - Crusty Crater has turned into Dusty Diner. Rocky Ruins has turned into Rocky Rains. Cliffy Corner has turned into Christmas Corner.

Festive Season Begins.

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